Ever-Evolving Capabilities Achieve Record-Breaking Results for Strittmatter Plumbing, Heating, and Air.

Up 80% Year over Year

“Year to date, we’re up 80% year over year.

A large chunk of that, I think, can be attributed to NDS.”

Joe Strittmatter
Owner/Operations Manager


Since 2018, NDS has had a professional relationship with Strittmatter Plumbing, Heating, and Air. Strittmatter is one of the biggest service companies in northeast Texas. During a season of restructuring, they pursued a new digital marketing company, only to return to NDS for unparalleled customer service and results.


Strittmatter is a large and growing service business. They encounter the same challenges any growing business does: the ever-changing dynamics of scaling. As homeowners are increasingly online, and using digital platforms to find HVAC and plumbing companies, Strittmatter has used NDS for agile solutions to changing times.

As early adopters of digital marketing, the team at Strittmatter understands that not all agencies are created equal. As Marketing Director Casey Sprabary explains, “We went to where we thought the grass might be greener. It wasn’t. It was just more expensive without great results. The company was far too large to create a personalized follow up experience with us.”

“It’s doing business with somebody that you know cares and has your best interest at heart.”

Joe Strittmatter

Owner/Operations Manager


Realizing the essential nature of digital marketing for reliable leads and business success, Strittmatter’s leadership headed back to NDS. Strittmatter owner, Joe Strittmatter, explains that NDS is the only agency they’ve worked with that can truly bring “outside of the box thinking.” Casey Sprabary highlights the immense flexibility as a key solution to their unique needs: “It’s so vital that our marketing have an off and on switch so that we’re not wasting money if we can’t meet the demand. With NDS, we’re able to reach out and say, “let’s turn down PPC” or “let’s crank up PPC” and it’s done. To have a switch on marketing like that is the truest form of control.”

Providing this control for the client, while implementing effective strategies, NDS deploys the following for Strittmatter:

Even beyond the traditional, tactical efforts of digital marketing, NDS is deeply entrenched in the Strittmatter business itself.

Casey describes the situation, “One of the things that has been really interesting is that Erin keeps a very close watch on our dispatch board. So, if she notices that we’re not booked out like we ought to be or like we want to be, she will reach out to us and say, ‘hey, do we need to turn on this/try that?’ She keeps an eye out for those lulls, as well as us. It’s so above and beyond.”

Being service industry experts, the team at NDS is uniquely positioned to help in this way, and provides something truly different.

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NDS had an uphill climb to undo the damage done by another agency, especially on Strittmatter’s website. Because this is such a lead-driver, they rebuilt the site from the ground up, and are seeing eight months of results. In every channel, NDS achieves results, and is willing to prove it through transparent, regular reporting:

Organic traffic in TX is up almost 65% in the past 12 months compared to the previous year.

That kind of organic traffic increase contributed to huge gains in revenue.

Major gains shown by Google Search Console for year over year improvements.

Numerous improved keywords in search rank, including, “plumber near me.”

Revenue Numbers Were up 100% in January and February,
and 150% in March of 2021, Compared to 2020.

“Like Having an In-House Marketing Manager”

Joe Strittmatter describes a dynamic immensely familiar to people who run service-based business: the annual lull.

“Especially for smaller sized companies, if they have an annual plummet, and you know you need X amount of calls per day per week per month, that’s basically what NDS is keeping track of and responding to. They know how many calls we need a day to generate the revenue that we’re trying to achieve. So it’s basically like having a partner or having an in-house marketing manager to make sure those call counts are getting hit.”

Casey adds, “I feel like they are champions for our company and our brand. They really care. It’s so genuine. We never get an excuse. We get a clear answer, whether it’s immediately or after they’ve had to do some digging to get a clear answer. We’re never left hanging. You can’t beat that.”

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Our NDS-Built Website Makes it Easy for People to do Business With Us

NDS helped Strittmatter build their website from the ground up. Casey explains: “It’s easy to do business with us if you’re somebody that wants to pick up the phone to call, there’s a button to call. If you want to schedule online, there’s a button to schedule online that links into our system. It’s easy to navigate. It focuses on and highlights us as a company, our down-home nature. The biggest part of it is the way it’s set up is the ease of doing business with Strittmatter.”

The team at NDS notes that both PPC and SEO had been moved by the Strittmatter team to another agency. When they returned to NDS with a great need to get back on track fast, the team at NDS went into go-mode, building a streamlined, efficient, and beautiful site in record time. The site launched fast, meeting the January 2021 goal, and immediately started the process of recovery from the fallout of a poorly performing website.

Geofencing Ad Strategy: Optimal Targeting and Minimal Waste

NDS’s digital marketing strategies allow the team at Strittmatter to hyperfocus on their ideal client, which significantly minimizes waste. Joe describes it this way, “We can target down to the house. We can hit one house, jump over it and go to the next house. Basically no waste at all.” By refining their highly productive working relationship, the teams at NDS and Strittmatter work together to build the business, and the results are a resounding win.

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