Accelerating Growth Through Digital Marketing for one of the Largest Electrical Companies in the Twin Cities

“We Trust Them.”

“We don’t have to babysit NDS, making sure that they do a good job. They give us great reporting. We trust them.”

Dan Smith

President of Randy’s Electric


In October of 2020, NDS took over digital marketing for Randy’s Electric, one of the largest electrical companies in the St. Paul/ Minneapolis region of Minnesota. Within weeks, they saw such impressive gains that they expanded their services and now use NDS for multichannel digital marketing.


Another digital marketing agency had been working with Randy’s Electric. They quickly realized this company lacked transparency and was simply unwilling to make real effort to make a difference.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, that other agency offered even less than they had before. In Dan Smith’s words, “The company we were with mostly shrunk to the point where there was no personal connection, no individual strategizing, and no campaigning for us. We were looking for a personal touch.”

With a large team, great community presence, and local services, Randy’s needed a digital marketing agency with experience in home services, and that was willing to approach this as a partnership.

“In business, a thing that makes a big difference is just doing what you say you’re going to do, and NDS does that.”

Dan Smith

President of Randy’s Electric


That’s what they found in NDS.

In Dan’s words, “We’re great at doing electrical work, but we’re not the best at coming up with strategies and campaigns. NDS goes the extra mile and brings new ideas and then are willing to try them with us, so it’s fun. What makes them special is their willingness to show the value that they bring. Sometimes in agencies they try to hide a bit, but they’re very transparent. ”

Dan describes the relationship this way: “They have been amazing at strategizing for us: coming up with ideas of how we can grow.”

Since Fall 2020, NDS has facilitated growth for Randy's Electric through:

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Dan explains how the trust was won, “Originally had them take over our website, SEO, and PPC. We saw them doing such a great job for that, honestly from the first month. We saw increases in our reach and decreases in our spend.” The results speak for themselves:

Organic traffic from October 2020 – today, compared to the previous year is up 106%, or over 11,000 users.

10 month year over year Google Search Console results show 668% increase in clicks.

There was a 478% increase in clicks, with one of the biggest increases not only for their brand name, but also for ‘electrician near me’.

Organic traffic for their main service cities is up significantly in the same time period as above.
Calls to the company’s Google My Business page are up 28% in the last 30 days.

Dan explains the value of this win: “When you talk about getting 15,000 calls a year, going up 28% in one of those categories is a significant number of calls.” Even in the face of doubt, NDS proved the value of their tactics to the team at Randy’s. Dan says, “I do not believe Facebook works well but I tried it because they suggested it and we’ve seen great results from it.”

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“No More Slow Season”

Each year, like almost every other home service business in the country, Randy’s Electric had a severe dip in call volume and business. Internally, they jokingly called this their “doomsday season.” From February to May, the business became tight and less predictably profitable. Until this past year. With NDS’s help, for the first time ever, Randy’s Electric did not have a slow season at all. That had never happened in the history of their company, and they look forward to continually investing in digital marketing that makes “no slow season” the new normal.

NDS is a full-service digital marketing agency:


We build generational brands through digital domination.


Agile Strategies for Measurable Success

“If you’re not doing digital marketing, you’re not doing business.

80% of our income comes through digital marketing.”

Dan has drunk the kool-aid, so to speak, and fully believes in the value NDS brings to their business: “If you’re not doing digital marketing, you’re not doing business. 80% of our income comes through digital marketing. People don’t go to the newspaper to look for a repairman anymore: they Google it. They do all of these things on their cell phone or computer, and so that’s why we’ve seen success.”

The team at NDS earned the trust of Randy’s by simply doing what they said they would, and excelling at it. Their work frees the staff at Randy’s to focus on their areas of strength. Dan says, “A big benefit for our company is the ability for our internal staff to be focusing on other projects. We don’t have to babysit NDS, making sure that they do a good job. They give us great reporting. We trust them. Our staff can work on other projects, so we become more productive, rather than having to figure out ideas that we’re not experts in to grow our digital marketing.”

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