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"It Wasn’t Empty Talk."

“NDS is a team with integrity, which is increasingly rare in the world of digital marketing. The leadership at J. Blanton had already experienced this with their previous company.”

Jordan Blanton

Owner of J. Blanton Plumbing


In January 2020, NDS restored a website, recovered search loss, and restarted a healthy pipeline of service calls for J. Blanton. Since then, they have achieved consistent, increasing results for organic traffic, lead volume, ad traffic, and revenue. This positive partnership has been typified by collaboration and mutual respect.


A different digital marketing agency had been working with J. Blanton when they reached out to NDS in January of 2020. Their call volume had dipped perilously low, with no apparent indication as to why. The team at NDS went into investigation mode, finding foundational issues with their existing website.

Additionally, J. Blanton felt dismissed and ignored by the large marketing agency they worked with. Even though that agency had good reviews, and seemed great to start, the consistency dropped off.

As Jordan describes, “Even the leads and value we were getting in that partnership was not great. It felt like one-size-fits-all. It wasn’t consistent and it wasn’t driving up our results. After looking at the data, we were wondering what we were missing or where the disconnect was.”

“With NDS it’s just been a positive relationship. We’ve grown. We have more customers. We have higher reviews and customer satisfaction, almost on all fronts. Everything is trending in an upward direction and at a speed that allows for us to continue to grow despite all the different things we’ve gone through over the last year and a half.”

Jordan Blanton

Owner of J. Blanton Plumbing


They called NDS to recover their lead count, and found a team that was ready and willing to tackle the tasks at hand.

It began with a roadmap for recovering the website, restoring lead count, and planning for future wins. Jordan explains the impressive legwork that preceded implementation: “They did everything, evaluating a plan of attack and the services that NDS offered, then breaking it down and looking at it from the vantage point of our business and the effects that it would have on our business. A lot of legwork: they pursued a lot of information about us and our business. We didn’t know how to turn that data into a focused campaign or plan of execution, but NDS did.”

Since Fall 2020,
NDS has facilitated growth for J. Blanton Plumbing through:

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The fact that NDS specializes in home services is a huge differentiator which enables them to chart a defined roadmap, then execute on defined goals. The results were evident within weeks, and continue to impress.

Initially, in January 2020, NDS was tasked with identifying site issues that were undermining traffic. This required some dedicated recovery, restoring old copies of the website, putting back URLs and metadata and adding SEO content to the site.

30 day organic traffic comparison, year on year, highlights the more than 313% uptick in users.
NDS recovered their lead volume through paid search while working to recover the loss in organic traffic caused by the other agency. February data indicates a severe winter storm, which spiked business.

Calls to the J. Blanton GMB page are up 63% in the last 30 days compared to the previous year.

Revenue Growth is up 90% from June 2021, compared to June 2020.

Another big remediation task undertaken by the NDS team was restoring access to the J. Blanton Google Local Services Ads account, which they got locked out of. Leveraging partnerships with Google, NDS was able to recover access and get that highly visible and tactically essential channel up and running again.

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Multi-Channel Marketing Strategies

NDS’s multi-channel marketing strategies tap every available avenue of visibility, leveraging a comprehensive strategy for low-cost, high-value lead generation.

“The process of executing a multi-channel marketing strategy wasn’t a difficult process. They had a playbook and they executed on what they said they were going to do. I think one of the first things we focused on was our Google search leads, people searching “plumbers near me,” or in a certain area. They came in and made sure that our website and landing pages and keywords were optimized.

What NDS did was bring a strategy to double-down on where we were already excelling, but also shed light on what we were really in the dark on and how we could utilize our services to enhance our reach and build our brand up and get in front of more people.”

“What NDS delivers is that they know the industry. They’re around it and they specialize in it, so they know exactly what they’re looking for. A lot of times, they know what we’re looking for before we know what we’re looking for. Having experts in the field, and those types of consultations, lets us zero in on the type of calls that we want, the type of customers that we want. That type of relationship has been a game-changer for us. It facilitated growth and expansion and higher customer satisfaction in ways that we never could have done ourselves, and, to be honest, in ways that most other companies couldn’t come close to.”

From 4 to 20 Trucks

“The lead generation and our ability to show up when a customer is in crisis and needs help has provided our employees and our whole organization with work and opportunity to go out and accomplish all of our goals. We have the ability to earn a great living, take care of customers, see through the mission that my parents and grandparents set out on. Not only has it allowed us to meet that need but it’s allowed us to grow and expand and be able to serve more customers and employ more people.”

Jordan Blanton

Owner of J. Blanton Plumbing

The team of home service marketing specialists at NDS continue to show up, creating thoughtful, expertly deployed strategies that build J. Blanton’s business everyday. The thought and care they bring is rivaled only by the leaders within J. Blanton, who approach this work with vision and on mission. The current family leader of this third generation plumbing company puts it this way, “The reward of all of our hard work is a great life for myself and my family. That’s what we set out to do for our employees and that’s what NDS has given us the ability to do better than we could ever have expected.”

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